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Client Feedback

Working with Jodi was so great for me. Home has become a safe and fun place again.


Work is exciting and we have achieved so much and growing exponentially. I have lost 5.5 kgs and find myself hearing bits and pieces from our sessions at certain or uncertain times. Really has been wonderful for me and I found Jodi so professional and caring at all times.


Her wholistic approach is an invaluable service and worth every dollar.

Jodi and her Dream Big Coaching program has assisted me in changing the way I approach my work/life challenges. By listening to my needs and reading between a line or two, Jodi has helped me re-focus on the steps needed to achieve my goals.


Jodi has been amazing; she helps you push through blocks without feeling under pressure.


She is encouraging, motivating and facilitates your own self-belief. I can tell her belief in me is genuine which reinforces my belief in myself. She always nudges me to set times, dates and places to fit my action in which really helps things get done. Thanks so much Jodi – so happy that you’re my coach!


Coaching with Jodi has changed the way I think daily. My game changer has been the brain dumping!!


Since this, my Brain dumps have turned into goals, simplified! I now get what I need to do and if I fall into a bit of a pit, I’m quickly back out of it thanks to Jodi helping me get what’s I my head out and onto paper. I know what to do by the end of each call with Jodi and how I can personally accomplish it. Being such a huge scatter brain

and overthinker, my time being coached by Jodi is really helping me to time manage better and just get it done!


Jodi has a very engaging style and comes across as a very authentic person.


I find it easy to relax in our conversations and to open up. Jodi makes it clear from the start, that she is present, engaged and interested in the conversation. Jodi recognised when I needed to get my thoughts together and have more time to arrive at clear answers, and she also knew when I was confident about an answer and when we could move on.


I absolutely felt comfortable and in-good hands with Jodi.


She knows the right questions to ask, gives me the tools to move forward and is always such a joy to spend time with. 


As someone who is always juggling many projects I often feel overwhelmed and as though nothing is getting my “A” game.


Jodi helps me focus on what is important, what I should not be wasting time worrying about and how to keep my life a bit more balanced.

Jodi is a true woman of Influence and is actually living the dream life just like she coaches us to strive for.


Since working with Jodi, I've seen a tremendous shift in my mindset. I feel more confident, focused, and motivated to tackle any challenge that comes my way.

What sets Jodi apart is her ability to make everything feel so relatable and down-to-earth. She breaks things down into simple, practical steps that you can easily apply to your everyday life. She's helped me silence that nagging self-doubt and embrace a more positive outlook on life.


Her friendly approach and bubbly personality combined with her powerful techniques will have you conquering mountains you never thought possible. Trust me, you won't regret it!


The Coaching experience from a Client perspective has been so incredibly beneficial.


I wasn’t sure what I’d be happy to share each week for 12 weeks and this has certainly been a vulnerable experience, however having had Jodi as my Coach and the trust and rapport that developed so quickly has produced some very effective, life changing strategies for me.


Also, the experience has really highlighted that there are so many issues big or small that you can be coached on and the experience to be a coach, a client and an observer has been so rewarding and 12 weeks of continual growth that I’m so grateful for.


I’ve learnt so much from Jodi and so fortunate to share my coaching journey with her - To be vulnerable, to be fearless and to be brave are key learnings too!


Her training is so effective.

Jodi really broke it all down for me and helped me understand my mind clutter and how to work through my obstacles. Highly recommend Jodi as your next Business Life Coach!


I cannot recommend Jodi’s coaching enough.


Her warm professionalism, thorough expertise and personalised approach have had a transformative impact on both my professional and personal life. She absolutely maximises the time in each session so that you leave feeling understood and valued, equipped with clear goals and a helpful skillset to confidently approach the next steps.


Her wholistic approach is an invaluable service and worth every dollar.


​Jodi and her Dream Big Coaching program has assisted me in changing the way I approach my work/life challenges.


By listening to my needs and reading between a line or two, Jodi has helped me re-focus on the steps needed to achieve my goals.


I was lucky enough to work with Jodi as a life and business coach.


She spent time getting to know me and what was important to me as well as the issues I was having, then offered a variety of options to see what worked for me, as well as positive coaching along the journey. She is an excellent communicator with a positive and encouraging approach, I'd highly recommend her to help you get life and business sorted and on the right track.


Jodi has the most amazing energy and passion to help and support you to find clarity.


I left my session feeling invigorated, focused, calm and inspired to do what i needed to do. Her techniques are easily applied and practical to replicate with teams. Highly recommend.


Since working with Jodi, I’ve been able to manage my chronic anxiety and panic attacks.

I cannot recommend Jodi highly enough. Her easy way of communicating and ability to bring clarity and perspective has made such a positive difference in my life. Thank you Jodi! 

Mel B

Very helpful for me personally and for my business.


I have utilised the business coaching offered by Jodi and soon discovered I also needed her counselling skills. She has a gentle knack of being tough which was exactly what I needed. Clear, defining and refining. Thank you Jodi.


Let's talk all things Coaching.

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